Bishop Charles  Agyinasare granted an interview in an Accra based media house hosted by Emefa Apawu where a number of questions were asked and answered on 20th September 2020. Bishop Charles Agyinasare is the Presiding Bishop of Perez Dome International with a myriad of experience in pastoring for so many years who shares his opinions on national matters.

After Bishop Agyinasare asked the NPP government to restore the collapsed banks adding that it was a strategy to settle scores comments made many Ghanaians to think that he is aligned to the NDC and Emefa asked him whether or not he is an NDC, he answered by saying no.

He went on to explain that he has good relation with Presdient Akufo Addo. The late Vice President Aliu Mahama was his neighbour he was pastoring  in Tamale. Infact he even rented his house and that he had nothing bad against the NPP. He also has friends at NDC. According to him, he makes objective contribution without any party in mind.


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