There has been a number of allegations Actor Richard Mofe-Damijo has another wife in lagos who is younger than his original wife. The media had painted that picture already in Lagos but the Actor had vehemently refuted such allegations in an interview with Chude Jideonwo.

He explains that he had a near death accident and the media reopted that there were a young lady and a baby in the car involved as well, that was not true. There were no young lady and a baby in the car. There are other speculatory stories pointing that Richard Mofe-Damijo had a younger wife in Lagos as well which the Actor finds very surprising

He said the following in the interview he granted the media house hosted by Chude Jideonwo;

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“When I was in Delta state, I had an accident, serious accident and my car flipped over and over. I was in a hospital, it was the Governor that called my wife to come.

“Apparently, they had written that when I had the accident it was the woman and a baby in the car but here I was, I didn’t know what had been written and she had read it so when she came she wasn’t too sure.

“In fact, we were in Holidays in America when this thing came up and they wrote, didn’t you know what they wrote and I was like how?? That when the accident happened, I was carrying baby things and hiding them and I was like it must be really serious.

“Someone must have stood somewhere in a nearby bush watching me do all this and then now reported it.

“Then there’s another story of me having another young wife in Lagos and I’m gonna leave my wife soon. You know, so it’s really difficult sometimes for her to navigate through all of this.

“This is the age of social media, there are people who, they look at you and without any regard for the sanctity of your marriage or your home, all you want to do is just tear me down like oh! he’s in love with somebody else, he’s going to leave his wife tomorrow.

“I mean, like how do you even wake up and do that? What have I done to you? Have I come to you to abuse you and your marriage? Why do people like to see celebrity marriages crash?



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