The National Organizer of the ruling New Patriotic Party Sammy Awuku has cautioned former President and leader of the National Democratic Congress John Dramani Mahama to cross-check information given him by his informants before reacting.

Sammy Awuku was reacting to some allegations leveled against him by the former President which claimed he (Sammy Awuku) was using a military facility to train thugs for the New Patriotic Party.

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Sammy Awuku who was unhappy with the allegations accused the former president’s informants of peddling falsehood and feeding the NDC flag bearer with false information.

“Some of the people who give former President Mahama information, with the greatest respect, they don’t give the former President the true picture and accurate news…They lie to him,” Sammy Awuku said.

“NDC put out a propaganda statement that I have written a letter to the National Security Minister, seeking to use military facilities to train party agents to cause mayhem in the December elections. Let me say that even if I was a novice in politics, I wouldn’t write a letter to the National Security Minister through the Interior and Defense Ministers on an NPP letterhead, knowing it can easily be leaked.”

“Assuming without admitting God forbid, if I had this evil plan, can’t I call the National Security Minister on phone or text him rather than writing a letter on a party letterhead?”, he queried.

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