The recent predicament that has befallen our society is the secret recordings of conversations and the renowned man of God, Archbishop Duncan Willians is banning all use of mobile phones in his office to exercising more caution.

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The celebrated man of God expressed his worries on the recent trend of leaked recordings being it audio or video and branded the act as “evil”.

Lamenting to his congregation, the founder of Action Chapel International revealed that people come and play all sorts of secret recordings to him in his office and due that he has ceased the use of phones in his office.

He continued that the act is no more for political revenge but even family members and married couples are recording each other.

Our society is prone to vindication, you are recorded without your knowledge. People now record to set you up, even children record their fathers and mothers, husbands their wives and wives their husbands.

He called on the government to establish laws that will address the issue of secret recordings and institute serious punishments to persons found in the act.

He disclosed that it has become too rampant to the extent that people are now recording the president in his office.

I paid a visit to the President in his office and they ordered that mobile phones everywhere must be stopped because of the fact that someone had the effrontery to record the President secretly in his office.

Recently people are taken revenge on others by secretly recording private conversations and making it available for public consumption.

The Chairman of the largest opposition party, the NDC, Elder Samuel Offosu Ampofo and former CID boss, COP Maame Yaa Tiwaa Addo-Danquah have all been a victim of the act though they all admitted the tapes were doctored.


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