Kumawood actor Oboy Siki has come out to clear the air that whatever he comes out to say concerning any issue is nothing but the truth because he speaks with facts.

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Oboy Siki speaking with Zion Felix said, he does not lie so when he comes out to say something about someone or something, it is based on what he knows and with facts.

This came as result of the things he said when fellow actor Bishop Bernard Nyarko passed on some months ago.

He agreed with Bishop Bernard when he said the industry players are hypocrites and also added, the Grid could not help Bernard Nyarko because  they had no money.

According to him  he was summoned by actors Grid which is an association for actors in Ghana because some of the actors and actresses were not happy about his utterances.

They asked him to apologize but he refused to do so because he believes he speak with facts and so he has nothing to apologize for.

“They asked me to go and do an interview and apologize but I told them it will never happen in my life because whatever i said was the nothing but the truth”.

He stated that he explained things to them and  they later saw no lie in what he said.

Oboy Siki is known for his lifestyle of always speaking his mind about issues and  he is not afraid to speak the truth.

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