The popular radio and TV personality Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey Santana has made some revelation about himself unknown to many Ghanaians when he was narrating on how he met his wife at on Okay FM where he said he used to be a chain smoker.

He met his wife while working at Assh FM and had made some name for himself and was in the smoking and drinking acts. Even though the lady proved to be a difficult nut to crack initially but later the lady gave in after marshaling a new strategy to win her.

“I used to smoke a lot. One day I finished my show on Ashh FM. After the show, I went downstairs to pick up Apio while smoking a cigarette. I saw this beautiful woman come and ask someone to call her for me because I can’t chase a woman and beg because I’m a celebrity and after she came to my place having my drink and cigarettes and I told her I liked her, but she didn’t agree, “he said.

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He continued, “When I returned to the office, I was told that one of the guys was trying to woo her and she and he didn’t agree. So I had to change my game. I re-strategize and continued to woo and in a process and he accepted me. We dated for some time but did not get married. But later in life, we came together and got married”.





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