Ibrahim Dauda affectionately called Ibrah One, recently went to his social media handles to threaten to kill Hon. Kennedy Agyapong within 24 hours amid various allegations. Hon. Kennedy Agyapong after seeing the threat from Ibrah One made a lot of investigations and clearly exposed Ibrah One’s dirty and illegal deals last Wednesday on his TV station Net 2. The legislator made clandestine the cars of Ibrah One were not properly cleared from customs and money laundering activity and assured the viewing public of arresting him within 48 hours.

Kennedy Agyapong and Ibrah One

Ibrah One’s family reportedly visited the Assin Central Member of Parliament Kennedy Agyapong to beg him after the young businessman angered him. The Ibrah One’s family was upset with what their son had hoped for and asked lawmakers to overturn his decision.

Abbass Dauda, brother of Ibrah One, was seen with Mr. Agyapong in a photo. It is believed that the photo was taken at the residence of Mr. Agyapong after begging him to rescind his decision about his brother. Ibrah One’s brother shares a video on his Snapchat and describes Mr. Agyapong as principled but considerate.



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