This Bible is seen as non – living thing, but its content is living. What  I mean is that the words in the Bible if applied does not fail. It works as stipulated and sometimes beyond satisfaction.

1.The Bible is a citadel of wisdom. It makes readers wiser.
2. It brings persistent joy
3. It illuminates. It clears doubts and obscurity.
4. The Bible is a guide like a manual for successful life.
5. It teaches and demonstrates love to readers.
6. It teaches mercy.
7. It gives strength in times of troubles
8. It blesses.
9. It gives enduring counsels
10. It makes users courageous

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11.It sheds light in the dark.

12. It breathes life into that which was dead.
13. It heals
14. It delivers users from evil.
15. It offers a better solution.
16. It shows the better way.
17. It transforms.
18. It keeps users focused.
19. It pushes readers forward.
20. It guards users thoughts.
21. It fights temptation.
22. It provides peace.
23. It builds better relationships.
24. It provides a greater perspective.
25. It empowers.
26. It changes readers outlook.
27. It fills users minds with affirmations
28. It gives one’s confidence.
29.It reminds users of  who they are
30. It’s a food for the soul.
31. It sets free readers from deceits.
32.It satisfies readers thirst.
33. It organizes one’s priorities.
34. It motivates users to help others.
35. It relieves stress.
36. It exchanges guilt for His grace.
37. It helps conquer addictions.
38. It helps  maintain a healthy lifestyle.
39. It teaches readers stewardship.
40. It keeps users out of debt.
41. It helps readers discover their purposes
42. It equips users to live out their purpose.
43. It takes away anxieties
44. It arms users with truth.
45. It strengthens ones relationship with God.
46. It preserves.
47. It protects.
48. It makes reader please God.

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