Insomnia is simply being unable to sleep when you actually want to. It makes one goes through mental torture. You feel you are tide and you want to catch your breath, but you are unable. A person suffering from insomnia wakes up frequently at night.

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Some of the causes of insomnia are;

  • Eating heavy meals before going to sleep especially when you don’t spend two to three hours before sleeping. Sleeping immediately after sleeping may not help digestion
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • low back pain
  • lack of exercise and leisure
  • menopause or andropause
  • Genes
  • a stimulant beverage like caffeine.

According to experts, those suffering from insomnia are advised to increase the consumption of the following to help them sleep;

– oats

– honey

– carbohydrate

– lettuce

– Malt beverage

However, those  suffering from insomnia are also advised to stop or reduce the consumption of ;

  • stimulant beverage
  • chocolate
  • spices
  • meat
  • matured cheese
  • proteins
  • soft drinks

Additionally, enough exercise of at least 180minutes a week, setting aside some time for leisure, those who are depressed will need the assistance of a clinical psychologist.

Some people take medications before they are able to sleep at night. I believe the application of the information above and other pieces of information or help may help alleviate insomnia from those suffering from.




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