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“Invest your wealth and save for a rainy day” – Fan advises Davido for flaunting expensive Rolls Royce(2021 Model)


Some few days ago Nigerian music icon Davido flaunts his new and expensive Rolls Royce car worth over N150M on social media, however, a concerned fan sent his word of advice to him saying “invest your wealth and save for a rainy day”.

His concerned fan named Daniel Regha word of advice was not a bad one. He thinks there will be a time his music career will come to an end and so he he should save more or invest for tomorrow. In his write-up to replying the talented and award winning Davido that he should not take him wrong for his advice to him. He condemned the fact that he flaunt his properties online saying that this will make the youth desperate to make quick money in a bad way.

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Daniel Regha, concerned fan wrote this in replying to Davido;

“Davido but invest ur wealth & save for a rainy day; U are m!susing ur wealth purchasing multiple cars u don’t need. Furthermore, when u purchase things, u shouldn’t flaunt them cos doing that make some people especially the youths become desperate to make quick money,” he wrote.

"You're misusing your wealth & making youths desperate" - Fan slams Davido for flaunting new car

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