Marriage has its own complexities, ups, and downs, however, it is incumbent on the married partners to determine to make it work. If married couples have inextricably determined to make their marriage work it would. Every partner should be willing to play his or her part. A stable marriage is earned when there are mutual respect, love, and understanding.

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Yes, it is indeed rewarding to have a stable marriage because there are dividends ;

It promotes a good lifestyle. Especially men tend to eat out without due diligence to the quality of food when unmarried. At least in marriage, one turns to eat good food and it is nice to do physical fitness activities together. The focus on each partner is high and the tendency to do mundane things compared to the bachelors, spinsters, widows or windows is very low.

It adds to longevity. Married couples tend to live longer due to the moral and emotional support they get from each other. Married couples tend to live longer than divorcees, bachelors, spinsters, widows or widowers.

Married couples tend to have a good sex life. An overwhelming majority of married couples contacted clearly attested to this fact.

The power of synergy works well in marriage. Two better heads are better than one. “All other things being equal” ( “ceteris paribus”), when two individuals get together in the name of marriage the combined effects of minds, developments, and resources are more than what an individual would have achieved in multiple folds within a given period of time.

Marriage is an inevitable pair. However, if not well managed it could degenerate into the worst nightmare and vice versa


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