Esther chapters 1 and 2

Esther 5:14

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What are we to make of Queen Vashti?  From a material point of view, she had everything. She had servants, clothes food, a home. In fact, she had no material needs at all. One would think she considered her life good, with no worries.

However, she showed poor judgment.  In the story, we read in this book.  The banquet the king threw lasted for seven days and Vashti also had one for her ladies.  However, the king made one command of her which was that she was to come before him with her crown and her best clothes. It was to be a royal occasion where everyone would see her in all her splendour.

She was not pleased with such a command.  She thought the had more authority than she really did and refused to go.  The king became angry at this and banished her for the men feared that if the king, who ruled the land, could not rule his own wife then all the wives of the land would defy their husbands no matter how good or kind they were.  There would be chaos in the country.

She lost everything because of one foolish decision, and she would have been familiar with royal protocol.  She would have known that it was her duty to go to the king at his command because he was her husband and because he was the king.   By refusing she was undermining his authority. The whole nation would get to hear of this and he would be humiliated.

He banished her and it was she who was humiliated instead. In my opinion, the nation would have got to know about it.

When God makes it clear to us that there are things that he wants us to do, do we defy him as Vashti defied the king?  I hope not for God owns us. He created us. He has the right to do with us as he wills.

When the king’s anger had subsided.  It was decreed that another woman would take the place of Queen Vashti.  A search was made for such a woman. I presume that lessons had been learned from Vashti’s bad attitude and her replacement would have to be someone who had a submissive spirit.

The king appointed Esther. Modecai her stepfather was a wise man who loves the Lord.  He instructed her not to allow it to be known that she was a Jew.  I think that he may have seen that trouble would come for the Jews and it would be better for her if the king and all his courtiers did not know that she was a Jew.  One can see the providence of God in all this.  God is not taken by surprise for God knew what was going to happen and he was putting things in place ready for what was to follow. It is my opinion that King Loved Esther.

The king promoted Haman and gave him authority over all the provinces.  He proved to be just like Vashti. Life was good, he had all that he could possibly wish for from a material point of view, but there was one thing he wanted that money could not buy. He wanted to be revered by everyone and Mordecai did not revere him.  It was found that Mordecai was a Jew and Haman was so angry at him that he deceived the king into passing a law that all the Jews should be killed.

When Haman found out about this he was sorrowful and met with Esther and told her what was happening.He wanted Esther to use her position as Queen to do something to save her own people and he gave her a warning

“For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place and you and your father’s household will perish, And who knows whether you have not attained royalty for such a time as this?”.

We now know that he was right.  God had brought Esther to her royal position for that very time. Esther was a courageous woman.  She put her life on the line.  She could only appear in front of the king if the king had sent for her.  To do so at any other time could mean that she could be put to death unless the king held out the royal scepter and she had no promise that would happen. If she waited until the king sent for her then many of the Jews could already have been put to death. Sometimes what God wants us to do is to trust him and show courage and leave the other details to him.

Esher dressed for the occasion and trusted her life to God and went to see the king.  I expect she was still praying as she entered, and her heart would be beating heavily.  She must have been relieved to see the king held out the royal scepter. She would not die.  She then set about pleasing the king to get him in a good mood for when she exposed Haman which she did.  Haman must have been horrified when he discovered that Esther was a Jew, stepdaughter of the man he so hated, and she had found favour in the kings’ eyes.  He had intended to make a spectacle of Mortdecai’s execution by building gallows to hang him upon.  Instead, he suffered national humiliation by being hung himself on those very same gallows and thus Gods people were saved.

Perhaps you are Gods chosen vessel for the circumstances you find yourself in. Perhaps God has put you where you are for such a time as this just as he put Esther where she was for her time so that Gods people, the Jews would be saved.

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