Sensational musician Mzbel has revealed her displeasure on the constant abuse she receives from people and their negativity.

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According to her, people see her to be a controversial person and so anything they say about her has to be about controversy.

She said that is how it has been from the start so if something comes out and she speaks about it, some people will twist her own and cause trouble for her.

“People have made up their minds that Mzbel if you will say anything about her it has to be about controversy, Even if I pay people to do things for me it doesn’t trend people will not accept it but let something come and I will give my opinion or if a matter comes and my name comes in even if it’s not true the media and people will share and make it look serious. That  is how people have accepted me and I have explained myself several times but nothing has changed. It doesn’t sit well with me though I don’t like.

“it I’m not happy most of the times if I hear negative stories about me it breaks my heart, out of 1000 comments 700 will be insults from people who don’t know you and it is very painful”

She added that at times someone will put an issue she knows nothing about but nobody will call her and find out the truth but they will post it and make it trend.

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