The Minister of Information, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah has rubbished claims that government reopened schools in order to aid the reelection bid of the ruling  New Patriotic Party.

The government reopened schools last month in order to allow final year students in all institutions to go back and prepare for their final exams and completion. The move had since faced criticism from Civil Society Groups and the opposition National Democratic Congress due to news of COVID-19 infections being recorded on the school campuses day in day out.

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Some members of the opposition have accused the ruling government of reopening the schools only to enhance their own re-election bid since it is believed that the Free SHS will influence the voting decision of the SHS students.

Reacting to the assertions by the NDC, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah  while speaking on Joy News’ “Beyond The Lockdown” program, said the assertion is not possible because schools have been reopened across board and not for only SHS students.

“What makes nonsense of that argument is that the people who are, for example, going to basic school (final year students) are about 750,000, are they going to vote? The basic schools, are they also going to vote?”

“I am saying that what makes nonsense of that argument is the fact that if you look at basic schools, they are not going to register to vote. The argument has been that we want these final year students to go and complete their examination and go out. Those at Senior High Schools again complete and go out, form two gold track who haven’t finished for them to complete. Tertiary, those who are going are those who are going to complete their exams and indeed tertiary institutions that have completed their exams have said clearly that they will not even open up because they have completed their exams. If you put all of this together, that argument of reopening for registration and voting is thrown out of the window,” the information minister argued.

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