After the smash hit Travis Scott McDonald’s Food, another music superstar took his own limited-edition order from the fast food chain.

Colombian reggaeton singer Jay Balvin teamed up with McDonald’s to deliver his signature order to the masses for a limited time. He is only the third celebrity to have fans eat to his name after Travis Scott and Michael Jordan.

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J Balvin’s meal, available November 1, features Big Mac sandwiches, medium-sized fires with tomato sauce, and Oreo McFlurry. Fans who order via the McDonald’s app and not in-store will receive a free Oreo McFlurry.

Apart from the signature dish, the Balvin design t-shirt will only be available for restaurant employees who will wear it when in action.

This new collaboration comes shortly after Travis Scott’s meal, which is no longer being served as at Sunday, October 4. The rapper’s menu consists of a quarter pounder with cheese, bacon and lettuce. Customers also get a Scott’s topping of their choice – plus medium order fries with barbecue sauce on the side and sprites.

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