Osebo who has a son with Nana Aba Anamoah is seen in the media space professing undying love for actress Jackie Appiah and even promises of being faithful to her should she accept his proposal of marriage. However, Funny Face is also relentlessly fighting Osebo and so Funny Face and is seen as a rival to Osebo. This means that actor Funny Face professed love to actress Jackie Appiah earlier.

This has gone on for some time now and Jackie Appiah has been quiet but has recently replied to them.

Osebo and Funny Face had exchanges on Jackie Appiah and Jackie reacts on their Instagram handles.

Herealfunnyface: “My brother …. Don’t angry me !!! Asem no Ay3 Critical u want to take my @jackieappiah like we all will wear da skirt some.”

Osebo_thezaraman: “Bro don’t be angry oooooo brothers don’t fight ooo.”

Actress Jackie Appiah reacted to the seemingly fight of Funny Face and Osebor over her with emoji which signifies laughter.

Funny Face then asked Jackie not to laugh but to let them get out of the sight of Osebo to an Island where Osebor will not see them.

Therealfunnyface: “@jackieappiah baby u laughing ? My love let’s run away to an unknown island…Where Osebor will never see u again.”


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