Former President of the Republic of Ghana, Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings has issued a statement early this morning on the militarization of the Volta and Oti regions ahead of the voter ID card registration which is set to begin on Tuesday.

There have been issues of an alarming security presence in the region especially in the southernmost sector which is touted as the stronghold of the National Democratic Congress.

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Residents claim they are being accosted and intimidated by the military and other security personnel deployed to the area.

Reacting to the development, the former President called on government to ensure “fairness and justice” even as they try to protect the sanctity of the registration process.

Mr. Rawlings said the sudden deployment is raising eyebrows and “generating animosity among innocent citizens whose basic way of life is being disrupted”.

He said the COVID-19 situation has already created so much hardship for the people of the Volta and Oti Regions as a result of the border closure and called on the government not to make the situation more difficult for the border dwellers.

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