Judge Amy Coney Barrett, now the leading candidate to replace Roth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court, is candidate for president Donald Trump, CNN reported hours before the official announcement.

The 7th U.S Circuit Court of Appeals judge is already seen as a likely choice and has met the president in the last open seat this week and during previous rounds of consideration for the job.

Sources told CNN that the White House indicated Barrett was the candidate. Several other websites, including the New York Times and NBC News, have also reported that Barrett is his choice.

Trump would not confirm the report but told reporters late Friday that he had made a decision. Nominations may have received Senate Republican approval – most have pledged to vote before the election without knowing what the nominations will look like.

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It is still possible that the president will head in a different direction hours before his planned announcement – a selection that not only has long-term implications for national laws, but also has political implications for his presidential elections and Congressional control.

It turns out that Trump and Barrett, who were at her South Bend home on Friday, didn’t see each other eye to eye when they first met – because she was wearing sunglasses due to her conjunctivitis.

The US’s 48-year-old 7th Court of Appeals judge is a leading candidate for Trump’s candidate to replace Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, whose remains will be in the Capitol on Friday, the first for a woman in the country’s history.

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Judge Barrett and husband, Jesse

Judge Barrett is a devout Catholic who is a law professor at Notre Dame law school. He has seven children, one of them suffering from Down’s Syndrome and one other adopted from Haiti.

He is a member of the South Bend of the Charismatic Christian Community People of Praise, which critics compare to a sect.


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