American Rapper and business mogul Kanye West has announced his vice-presidential candidate for the upcoming November elections. The rapper has chosen 57 year old Wyoming life coach Michelle Tidball as his running mate.

Kanye West announced his desire to run for the US Presidency on July 4. The rapper still believes he can make it onto the ballot although he had missed some important milestones that could get him on.

Kanye made his Veep announcement in an interview he granted to Forbes on Wednesday.

Tidball hails from Cody, Wyoming, where Kanye owns a $14 Million ranch according to reports. She is a biblical life coach. She claimed she was visited by God when she was just 6 months old.

‘In a hospital tent God first visited me and spoke life and destiny which I can still recall today,’ Tidball said.

‘Being raised in the church I loved God, encountered Him, but wanted to know more. At seventeen I had an encounter in the heavenly realms and made a decision to serve Him all the days of my life’.

Tidball claims she has degrees in mental health and criminal justice. She has scrubbed clean her online presence a few days ago.


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