A Kenyan man mysteriously came back to life three hours after doctors declared him dead and transferred his body to be prepared in the morgue.

The 32-year-old man named Peter Kigen was rushed to the Kapkatet hospital after he collapsed at home on Tuesday according to local media reports.

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Nurses claimed Kigen died at home before he arrived at the hospital but while he was been embalmed in the hospital, he shocked the mortuary attendants and sent them running after he cried out in response to an incision made on his thigh.

Kigen was rushed to the hospital after he suffered a stomach ailment and fainted at home

The incision supposed to give way for formalin to be inserted jolted Kigen to the surprise of morgue attendants.

Kigen was taken back to the hospital for first aid. He promised to dedicate his life to evangelism.

However, Kigen’s family isn’t pleased with the turn out of events. They are demanding justice for their relative. They accused the hospital of negligence, a claim the hospital is yet to respond to.


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