‘Countryman Songo’ also known as ‘fireman’ shared his thoughts on seemingly fighting between the Electoral Commission and the NDC and other interest groups over the new voter register at Asempa FM last Monday,1 June 2020.

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The bane of disagreements is that the Electoral Commission wants to do a new voter register because there are lapses in it according to them and that doing a new one is cost-effective than working on and maintaining the current voter register. However, the NDC and other interest parties lead by Bernard Mornah think its needless to do a new one since the time frame and the requirements for registration would disenfranchise some Ghanaians. The requirements of registrations are that you should either possess a Ghana card or valid Ghanaian passport and this is causing confusion in the country. The NDC and other interest groups have threatened to kick against it and have threatened that it could bring civil war should the EC do it. However, the pilot voter register has began in Tamale.

‘Songo’s view was that if the NDC and other pressure groups is against what EC is doing they should address it through legal means. However, if what EC is doing the law mandates them to do so then let all those kicking against it keep quite. he said this on Philip Osei Bonsu’s show ‘Eko see sen’. ‘Songo’ was furious against all those who are saying that there will be civil war should EC go ahead with the new voter registration exercise and that if the NDC wants power back they should go by it in a professional and legal manner. 

Kevin Taylor in a Facebook video attacked ‘Songo’ saying he talks like a mad dog because he is so empty. He added that ‘Songo’ does not have facts describing him as a stomach, low brain, baseless, ignorant, and comedian journalist. He also further said that ‘Songo’ sounded like someone who was drunk and/or on drugs when making his points at Asempa FM and he is not Sport fact-checking journalist and that he was disappointed that OB and Omanhene who gave ‘Songo chance to talk nonsense’.

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