Vanessa Bryant sued the Los Angeles County Sheriff and her department, claiming they caused her severe emotional distress when police officers allegedly snapped photos of Kobe and Gigi Bryant’s bodies on cell phones at the scene of the helicopter crash that killed the two early this year.

According to the case, not less than 8 Sheriff deputies at the scene of the accident took out their personal cell phones and took photos of the dead bodies. The officers allegedly took these photos for their personal satisfaction.

The lawsuit alleges that the photos were the subject of conversations in the sheriff’s office among officers who showed the photos to their colleagues, which were not for investigative purposes.

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The case notes how the photos were displayed when a one of the officers were at the bar showing the photos to a woman he was trying to impress. The bartender overheard the conversation and called the sheriff’s office.

Vanessa said in the lawsuit that the sheriff known as Sheriff Villanueva tried to cover things up by going to the sheriff’s substation who responded to the accident and told officers to delete the photos and avoid punishment. The case claims that the aim of the talks was to destroy evidence. The lawsuit alleges that Villanueva did not tell the family about the photos and that they did not know it until word got out that they were in the media.

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The lawsuit accuses the sheriff of never giving direct answers to Bryant’s family, and now Vanessa is constantly worried that the photos will leak. The lawsuit demands an unspecified compensation, including punishment for the officers involved.


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