The founder of the Atta Mills Institute and Former Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress Koku Anyidoho on his Twitter handle seeks to defend the $150 for COVID-19 test at Kotoka International Airport(KIA), Ghana after he had a horrible experience when he traveled to Guinea and was unduly delayed for days due to the COVID-19 test at the airport.

The $150 for COVID-19 test at Kotoka International Airport(KIA) gives you accurate results in 30 minutes only that it is expensive as some Ghanaians expressed their dislike about the charge, however, Koku Anyidoho who said he used to be a critic now realized the time value of money. He seeks to suggest that once there are quality and quick delivery of service the charge should be respected.

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He added that the delay he had at the Guinean airport when he was waiting for the results of his COVID-19 test made him miss his flight when it took some days.

Koku AnyidohoKoku Anyidoho

“Honestly, I was a critic of the $150 COVID test @ KIA till I traveled to Guinea; missed flights bcos COVID test results over there took days to be completed. $150 is high but if it can produce COVID results in less than 30 minutes; the time value of money becomes key.”


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