Trade Minister Alan Kyerematen told Parliament on Wednesday 3 June 2020 that the Komenda sugar factory could only be handed over to concessionaires if a sugar policy had been put in place to operate the plant.

Komenda Sugar Factory

Komenda Sugar Factory in the central region was supposed to start operating in mid-2020. However, Alan Kyerematen said that everyone involved must be patient because policies have been developed that will allow right holders to take full responsibility.

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“The factory is not turned over to the concessionaire for commissioning after the farmer rejects the concession holder.

“It has become clear that it is not possible to complete the process of handing over the factory to the concessionaire if there is no sugar policy that provides a strategic framework for the work of the concessionaire, so that is only one reason for going through the process.”

The Komenda sugar factory, which was built by Indian bank EXIM for $ 35 million, was opened in May 2016 by then-president John Mahama but was closed after several tests.

The factory must also produce energy for its production activities and produce by-products such as sugar cane drops or molasses for the alcohol industry.

Many challenges, including an unreliable supply of sugar cane for sustainable pre-trial processing, hampered the company’s operations. In November 2017, the Akufo-Addo government began a process to revitalize the factory.

Alan Kyerematen, Minister of Trade and Industry

Minister of Trade and Industry Alan Kyerematten told Parliament that EXIM Bank in India will offer a $ 24.5 million credit to develop and implement a plantation and export program for farmers to use raw materials to provide factories.

According to the scheme, around 14,100 acres of sugar cane was to be planted to feed the factory.

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