A very shocking incident has taken place as a married NDC executive in the northern region by name Hajia Shamima and popular Facebook mallam Naa Tia Salifu are seen “chopping” love in the United Arab Emirate.

According to reports, the video and pictures were taken when the two lovers went on a trip to the UAE just to have fun and have some time alone away from everyone.

In a video gotten by straightnewsonline.com, madam Hajia Shamima along with her lover was seen dressed in Arab attire are heard reechoing “what you are saying is not a bother to me” which is a quote from a Dagomba popular song which means “we aren’t bothered”.

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Many other romantic happenings were also made as suggested by the pictures of two in a hotel where Hajia Shamima partially naked and wearing a red nightie exposing her G-string pant and another passionately locked in a kiss with her mallam lover.

Watch the video below;


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