Captain Smart having been touched by the kind gesture of the  National Chief Iman, Sheikh Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu of        GHS 50,000 said that Christians must stop the hypocrisy and donate towards the construction of the National cathedral.

Even the National Cathedral will not directly benefit the Muslims but their selfless leader has shown so much love toward this good project that will directly benefit Christians at large. He posited that the Muslims have just finished the construction of their National Mosque which was sponsored by the Muslims in Turkey.

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Mr. Smart added that he as an individual donated some 100 bags of cement for the project and will donate another very soon. He reiterated that Christians in Ghana can easily help to build the National Cathedral since they are over 70% of the total population, If every Christian in Ghana even pays GHS1 it can do a lot. Christians are statistically a little more than 20million in Ghana and so it can amount to over GHS 20million.

He called on the founders and heads of the  various churches in Ghana to support this worthy course and stop the hypocrisy.

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