Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Hugo Lloris say his confrontation with Son Heung-min at halftime during their game against Everton on Monday was because of the attacker’s failure to press.

Hugo Lloris confronted Son over his lack of pressing in the game against Everton on Monday

Spurs were lucky to win the game 1-0 as Michael Keane scored an own goal which separated the two sides before halftime.

At Halftime as the team walked off the pitch, Lloris rushed over to confront Son and the two were being separated by other teammates.

Later the two made up and Lloris inists the bust up was as a result of the heat at the moment as the Spurs goalie looked to tell the attacker to press more.

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“It belongs in the changing room,” Lloris told Sky Sports.

Lloris explained the situation after the game in an interview with Sky Sports

“Outside, you can say whatever you want. There is a lot of respect between the players in the changing room.

“What happened between me and Sonny is just something that’s part of football sometimes. But there’s no problem at all.

“You could see at the end of the game we were more than happy to be part of the team and to have the three points.

“To concede a chance a few seconds before half-time because we don’t press properly… yeah, it annoyed me, but it’s part of football. We move on.”

Jose Mourinho had already spoken about his players lack of desire after their defeat to Sheffield and was happy to see tempers flaring.

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“As I said before, we are in a situation that we need to fight against,” Lloris added.

“We’re not happy to be in this position. But the most important thing today is to stay focused on the team and do everything to finish as high as we can.

“I repeat, we can only do it as a team. When you play a season like this one it’s very easy to fall apart as a team, to think about disinterest, but today we showed that we are still together and ready to compete and fight until the end.”


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