A man who has spent six years of his life in the Nsawam prison in Ghana has revealed the incident that lead to him been imprisoned for that long and what he did leading to it.

The man who is believed to be in his early twenties stated that he was sentenced to six years in prison after he was caught stealing a fowl because he was hungry and didn’t have any source of income .

Speaking to DJ Nyaami, on SVTV Africa he revealed that the past six years that he spent in the prison has had alot of impact on his life as nobody wants to employ him to work so he can be able to get some money to feed himself and also support his family.

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“I came out from Nsawam Prison not long ago, I stole a fowl in 2012 in Tema new town area, and I was sentenced for 6 years.”He said when asked about how he got imprisoned.

When asked how he is able to survive and get money to feed himself ,he stated that, he engages in the scraps business to get something small to feed and also buy drugs to smoke.

“I sell scrubs and the little money I get, I still used them on drugs, when it’s finished I go back to hustle for another money again,” he said.

He however added that he would very much like to stop taking the drugs and do something better with his life in the coming future .

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