A British expatriate living in Singapore has splashed  $10,000 dollars a month on a neighbor’s swimming pool for the next three months because he can’t have access to his own due to the lock down in the rich Asia country according to a report published by Bloomberg.

Real estate agent at Singapore Realtors Inc, Mr Lester Chen said the Brit initially thought of leasing the entire $30 Million Sentosa Cove house which contained the swimming pool but the $30,000 monthly lease payment was too much for him considering the fact that he lived in another expensive house nearby.

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The man, name withheld couldn’t have access to his own swimming pool due to the strict lock down restrictions in Singapore as a result of the novel Coronavirus pandemic.

“I asked the man why he wanted to rent the bungalow. Is it because of space restraint in his current home?” The man replied that he just wanted to use the pool because his was closed due to the lockdown,” Chen who  handled the lease transaction told Bloomberg.

“I spoke to the owner and we agreed to lease out the pool and garden on two conditions. First, it will only be a short-term lease of three months. And if someone else wanted to rent the bungalow in its entirety, we can terminate the agreement,” he said.

The swimming pool is a 10 minutes jog away from the man’s own mansion. The man and his family have access to the swimming pool through a side gate although the house itself is closed.

Mr Lester Chen said he had previously rented out facilities such as “offices”, “apartments” and “bungalows” but this is his first time renting out a swimming pool. The agreement was signed between the two parties on Sunday,April 26.


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