The Ghanaian born Italian Mario Balotelli and former football player of Liverpool and Manchester United had been legally been cleared of raping a-16 year old girl with the judge saying it was a case of extortion from the girl.

According to Mario Balotelli, he had consensual sex with the girl when he was on holidays and was playing for Nice in 2017. Mario added that after, the girl demanded £85,000 from him as compensation. Mario then reported the case to the police as he felt the 16-year old girl wanted to extort him with such a huge amount.

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The had been court proceedings since 2017 up till now that he has been cleared of no wrong doing and that the girls’ attitude was described as extortion bid.

Balotelli’s lawyer says this after the verdict;

“Balotelli is satisfied, as this was an unacceptable and insulting accusation,” the Italian’s lawyer said.

“It’s a pity for the girl, who proved herself to be an instrument in the hands of an adult without scruples.”

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