Divorce is not a desirable venture, it is difficult to avoid in certain situations. However, it can be avoided by both spouses. It takes two to make the marriage stand the test of time. For the marriage to stand on its oars the observance of the following may help;

Married couples must learn to resolve their conflicts-Since the parties to marriage come from different backgrounds, experiences, and education before marriage behaviours, way of thinking, perceptions are also different, and therefore conflicts inevitably may rear their ugly heads. Conflict should not take center stage in marriages even though it inadvertently comes. It should be minimized. Disagreements, quarrels, and frictions may occur, but the ability to iron out differences and move on in good faith is what matters.

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Each married couple should have the attitude to solve conflicts by trying to understand the source of the conflicts and solve it from there. There should be an adjustment, tolerance, patience, negotiation, and amicable resolution objectives.

Effective communication- This is an extremely important vigour not only in marriages but in life. The exchange of information via word of mouth or by action is communication. The ability of married couples to express their feelings to each other in a good manner is what is required. Communications between spouses should at the end of the day be satisfying and edifying. When there is good communication, a party to the marriage would feel comfortable and at ease to ask the other what he or she want.

Sharing of responsibilities and authority may help. Agreement on that is paramount.

Don’t assume your spouse is perfect.-There is no perfect marriage or relationship, however, the parties must be ready to sacrifice and adjust for success.

No sexual starvation- Sexual satisfaction must be achieved for all. Each couple in the marriage must be satisfied sexually.

The marriage should be spiced with romance- the touches, gestures, sweat words, pegs, compliment, etc. Romance may not necessary be sex but may lead to sex at an appropriate time.





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