In October 2019, which was on Saturday a considerable number of Catholic bishops in the Amazon regions such as Peru, Suriname, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, French, Guiana approved a proposal to allow married men to be ordained as priests.The proposal to ordain married men was on the core issues that got voted for at the three-week meeting at the Vatican which discussed environmental and religious matters affecting the Amazon area. Ther proposal also considers the need to consider ordaining women as deacons. The proposal has tagged viri probati which refers to older Catholic men who have stable families, are respected in their communities, and already deacons in their respective churches.

CNN report stipulates that Pope Francis must ratify it before it could be implemented. If approved by Pope Francis would be a big departure from a longstanding belief of only unmarried men should be ordained as a priest in the catholic church. The church of Anglican had decoupled the idea of ordaining only unmarried men as priests long ago.

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The new development precludes men who already are Catholic priests and are unmarried, However, only new priests are allowed to marry in the new development. The Pope’s approval must be given before it could be implemented and it is expected before the end of December 2019.

The Pope Francis earlier made a statement that allegedly suggests that he was looking for the possibility to allow married men to receive to be made catholic priests.                      With what is currently the norm in the church, converts from Anglicanism can become Catholic priests even if they are already married.


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