Hardly do you see a 40-year-old still playing at a top level in football, for most people, football ends at age 35 and only a few players still play as a professional after that age but a Japanese has beaten all odds to play after the age of 50.

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Kazuyoshi Miura is a Japanese striker who has renewed his contract with club Yokohama FC and will begin his season in February in the Japanese J1 League, Japan’s top tier.

Miura is one of the five professional footballers to play in the last four decades.

Kazuyoshi Miura, nicknamed ‘King Kazu’ began his professional career in 1986 for Brazillian side Santos at age 19.

Facts about Kazuyoshi Miura

  1. He is the oldest professional player in the world
  2. He will turn 53 in February
  3. In March 2017, he became the oldest player to score a goal at age 50 surpassing a 52-year-old record held by Stanley Matthews
  4. He will play his 35th season as a professional for Yokohama FC, a club he has featured 250 times since 2005
  5. He scored 55 goals for Japans in 89 appearances
  6. He retired from international football 20 years ago
  7. He was the first Japanese player to win Asian Football Of The Year
  8. His last J1 league appearance was in 2007 at age 40
  9. In 1993, he became the first J League Most Valuable Player
  10. He has made over 800 appearances for both club and country amassing 276 career goals

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