According to Cheat Sheet, your favorite boxer, Mike Tyson smokes $40,000 worth of cannabis with his guests out of the $500,000 his cannabis ranch sells monthly.

Cannabis has greatly helped Mike Tyson recover from his financial crises. Tyson grows and sells his own cannabis and other weed wellness products under his own brand. He calls his cannabis business the Tyson Ranch.

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Mike Tyson reported lost all his wealth accrued from his successful boxing career. He was estimated to be worth more than $300 million accrued throughout his boxing career. Unfortunately, just like any of your favorite celebrities, Tyson spent his fortune on lavish living, expensive sport cars and mansions.

Mike Tyson filed for bankruptcy in 2003. At the time, he owed $23 million in debts according to media reports. Forbes said Tyson’s worth could have ballooned to $685 million, but that didn’t happen due to mismanagement.

Celebrity net worth estimator, Wealthy Gorilla currently estimates Tyson’s wealth to be around $3 million.

He has been trying to regain his spot by taking up minor roles in a couple of movies. He started his own podcast which is currently doing well. He is also rumored to be returning to boxing soon. Videos of him training have been making waves on social media lately.

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