The remains of the dismembered body of Dystynee Avery was found in a landfill site in Clay County, Minnesota. Her murderer, Ethan Broad told Minnesota police that he cut the lady into pieces with a saw and put her parts in garbage bags.

Police recovered the body and identified it as a 19-year old girl who was reported missing according to a release from Morehead Police. Avery was declared missing in early April.

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Police  say “the investigation led to the belief that foul play was involved,” after Avery was last seen on April 3.

Ethan Broad, 27 was arrested two weeks on April 17 after police suspected him of murder. Broad agreed that he killed Avery but said he only committed the crime in self defense.

Police have arrested three other suspects in connection to Avery’s murder. The three, David Erno, 22, Andrea Payne,26, and Brandon Erbstoesser, 33, were arrested on suspicion of aiding a second degree murderer.

Avery’s mother, Doreen who spoke to a Local TV Station said “For him to do what he did, I guess I really don’t know him. Because obviously he’s capable of taking someone’s life.” She said her daughter had been living in Broad’s apartment for a while before the murder because she considered him a good friend.

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