It has become a common habit for veteran actors to solicit for monies in their old age for various reasons but one veteran believes they are the cause of their woes.

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Fred Amugi, a veteran actor who is still in active service revealed the different foul plays most actors did during their active days and as a result are suffering for the consequence.

Speaking to Graphic Showbiz, the actor disclosed that not all suffering actors or actresses are suffering as a result of reckless lives lived in the past, he admitted that some of the veteran actors are suffering because of old age.

“It’s quite sad and heartbreaking to see the conditions of some actors as they grow old, though in some situations its nature which has taken it course others are as a result of our own doing”

He cited an example of Emmanuel Armah, a veteran actor who has suffered a stroke which he believed it as a result of old age.

(Veteran Actor Psalm Adjetefio solicited funds from the public for his heart condition problem)

According to the 71-year-old, some of his colleagues are experiencing their situation because of the deceitful lives they lived in the past. He continued that “taking monies from producers and directors and not working for them or taking monies from a sponsor and failing to honour your words, then naturally many lips will be speaking against you” 

He maintained that others too are suffering because they never wanted their fellow actors to progress. “If you cast a ball to the wall, it reflects back to you so you reap what you sow. Some have gone about degrading others believing that it will make them rise but instead of rising, they fail because they won’t let their fellow actors progress.”

(Veteran actor Kofi Laing popularly known as Kohwe was begging the public to come to his aid; image source:

Recently, veteran actors Psalm Adjetefio (T.T) and Kofi Laing (Kohwe), solicited funds from the public as both were suffering from illness, and last week, a veteran Nigerian actor Ernest Asuzu was spotted in a video which went viral begging for alms after months of battling with strokes.

But according to Fred, the sufferings of these actors are as a result of what they have brought upon themselves.

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