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1. Everybody is positively unique in one or more aspects that may not be found in another. Our fingerprints are different, our found talents are different, our abilities are different, so is our usefulness.

2. Respecting and considering everyone irrespective of their political, religious,racial,education and economic persuasions makes you the best person.

3. Realising that our lives have a start and definitely has an end will help us to appreciate and value our lives whiles living on earth. Life worth valuing is well lived.

4. Understanding the truth that we came to this world with nothing and we are certainly exiting with nothing will make you not puffed up and not to treat others as if you are super human.

5. Treating others the way you want them to treat you is golden. Any seed one plants certifiably germinate its kinds.Learning to appreciate people will inure appreciation to you as well.

6. Bad characters and ill-mannered attitudes certainly push the best people away that you may not have privilege of their benefits in your life again.

7. What is golden is good scented communications. Nations were set on fire because of bad and unwarranted communications. Brothers become worst enemies because of stinking communications.

8. Best decision is precious than gold, because decision can bless or mar you. It pays to take well calculated decisions than to just make the decisions.Decisions made with good heart last.

9. Conclusions without sensibility ruin. You can never get better conclusions without asking and finding.

10. It pays to be straight than curvy.Being curvy makes logical people cast doubt on you.

11. The best people never demean themselves nor disregard people.

12. You can never achieve more without doing more. Achievement without hard work is frugal.

13. Value comes by creation. Value is seen when it is created and so create one.The value of someone is not seen unless he/she is given chance to create it.

14. Genuine power is earned, not taken. People with genuine power worked for it.

15. No amount is useful unless it is put to use. Nobody or a thing should be classified useless unless it has been tried.

16. What is better than ornament is not giving up on sensational and good dream. Good achievement is linked to unbridled dream.

17. The worst mistake one could make is to dance to the general and acceptable rhythm and, not good rhythm.

18. Knowledge without application is useless. One should always practice useful knowledge.

19. Underestimating a good passion is the worst regret. Good passion must be pursued diligently with dignity.

20. Best person attaches so much importance on another. Best person makes best, workable,enduring and good impact on another.

21. The embodiment of you is what you do.

22. If one is soft spoken does not automatically mean that he/she is humble. One could be soft spoken but deadly poison.






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