Is that this the key to excellent scrambled eggs? Mum reveals her VERY uncommon method for making breakfast – dividing a whole bunch of fellow cooks

  • A mum has revealed her very uncommon tip for making the most effective scrambled eggs
  • The lady says straining the eggs removes ‘the water’ and makes them higher
  • She says the eggs are richer and thicker when this system is used first
  • Cooks normally solely pressure eggs they may poach or fry – and it’s only for aesthetics 
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An Australian woman has revealed her very unusual tip for making the best scrambled eggs ever

An Australian girl has revealed her very uncommon tip for making the most effective scrambled eggs ever

An Australian girl has revealed her very uncommon tip for making the ‘greatest scrambled eggs ever’ – and all you want is a sieve.

The lady mentioned for ‘lovely, richer eggs’ it is very important pressure them earlier than cooking, and the hack seems to be backed up by cooks.

The lady claims straining eliminates ‘the water’ within the egg. 

‘You’ll be stunned by how a lot water is drained away, abandoning extra egg white and yolk,’ she mentioned.   

The lady posted the tip on a preferred Fb Web page alongside three photos, exhibiting her very distinctive cooking methodology. 

However house cooks on the positioning did not seem offered on the concept, with many leaving expressions of doubt.

‘I’ve by no means heard of this,’ one girl mentioned – a preferred voice on the submit.

‘I assumed this was on a joke web page and a few bozo was straining the whites away. Then I had one other look,’ laughed one other mum.

Many claimed if the egg is ‘watery’ then it should not be eaten anyway.

‘Watery eggs are off,’ one girl mentioned.

‘If the whites have gone watery you positively should not be consuming the egg,’ warned one other.


Do you pressure your eggs earlier than you cook dinner them?

  • Sure 53 votes
  • No 1614 votes

However in keeping with specialists, there may very well be one thing to the lady’s principle, though describing the strained liquid as ‘water’ is improper.

The liquid is solely the outer albumen – and is the a part of the egg white which spreads furthest when it hits the pan.

Cooks typically pressure this away to create perfect-looking buddy or poached eggs – however as it’s largely for aesthetics it is not usually one thing completed for scrambled eggs.

There are 14 elements to a hen egg, which makes the favored breakfast merchandise rather more sophisticated than most individuals realise.

The lady turned off feedback to her submit after her ‘egg water’ principle was slammed by others. 

The woman said for 'beautiful, richer eggs' it is important to strain them before cooking, and the seemingly crazy hack appears to be backed up by chefs

But home cooks on the site didn't appear sold on the idea, with many leaving expressions of doubt

The lady mentioned for ‘lovely, richer eggs’ it is very important pressure them earlier than cooking, and the seemingly loopy hack seems to be backed up by cooks


Chef and nutritionist Lee Holmes has shared her recipe for scrumptious scrambled eggs with a ‘supercharged twist’ – and she or he says it is ‘the most effective you’ll ever eat’.

In contrast to common scrambled eggs which might be typically made with milk and salt, the Australian cook dinner as an alternative makes use of nutmeg and lemon peel – her two secret elements.


6 eggs

1 teaspoon lemon rind

1/2 teaspoon floor nutmeg

1 teaspoon Love Your Intestine powder 

Butter or olive oil

Pinch of sea salt

Toast of alternative and basil to serve


Whisk eggs in a bowl guaranteeing you get sufficient peak to make them good and fluffy. Grate lemon rind into bowl. Add nutmeg and Love Your Intestine powder.

Warmth butter or oil in a pan then warmth to low-medium and pour in eggs. Add a pinch of sea salt then with a flat edged wood spoon stir gently till cooked.

Tumble out of pan and serve on toast with contemporary basil.  

Recipe serves three.

 Supply: SuperchargeYourLife

Sydney-based chef and nutritionist Lee Holmes (pictured) has shared her unique recipe to make delicious scrambled eggs with a 'supercharged twist'

Sydney-based chef and nutritionist Lee Holmes (pictured) has shared her distinctive recipe to make scrumptious scrambled eggs with a ‘supercharged twist’

In accordance with the Australian egg physique there are some key methods to work out if an egg is dangerous – and having a watery white is not considered one of them as most of the commentators mentioned.

All eggs offered in Australia will need to have a best-before date marked on them – and the specialists agree eggs are greatest saved within the carton because it protects towards micro organism.

But when saved with out the carton and the used-by date is misplaced there are two primary methods to inform if the eggs is ok to eat.

The primary is to scent it, any trace of sulphur means the egg has seemingly expired, in keeping with the organisation, if you happen to crack the egg and there’s a dangerous scent then it shouldn’t be eaten.

Dangerous eggs can typically be smelled earlier than the shell has been cracked.

A ‘enjoyable manner’ to check for freshness is by utilizing the floating check. If the egg floats in chilly water then it’s dangerous and needs to be thrown away. 


 1 – Eggshell – The outer eggshell is primarily fabricated from calcium carbonate. It’s what’s known as a semi-phermable membrane which implies air and water can move by the pores.

2 – Outer shell membrane – This offers safety towards micro organism, this membrane sticks to the shell.

3 –  Interior shell membrane – This additionally acts as a protection towards micro organism. This membrane sticks to the albumen or egg white.

4 – Chalaza – These are twisted in reverse instructions and hold the yolk centred.

5 – Outer albumen – That is the skinny layer of egg white subsequent to the membrane.

6 – Interior albumen – That is the thick a part of the egg white. In high-quality eggs that is noticeably thicker.

7 – Vitelline membrane – This can be a clear casing which surrounds the yolk. 

8 – Nucleus of Pander – That is the plug of white-coloured yolk.

9 – Germinal disk – A small, round white spot on the yolk. Often about 2mm in diametre.

10 – Yellow yolk – A significant supply of nutritional vitamins, minerals, protein, fats and ldl cholesterol. The color of yolk can vary from gentle yellow to deep orange relying on the hen.

11 – White yolk – That is positioned on the centre of the yolk.

12 – Inside albumen – This can be a little bit of very thick white close to the vitelline membrane.

13 – Air cell – An air area kinds between the layers of the membranes when the egg cools.

14 – Cuticle or bloom, – That is the coating on prime of the shell – however is normally eliminated within the cleansing course of for purchased eggs.


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