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My Adventure with Savanna Elephants( Zadanta Africana)


I had an experience of meeting Savanna Elephants(Zadanta Africana) in Ghana and I enjoyed my stay with them for a short moment.Let me get you into the details.

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Mole National Park is in Ghana. It is located in the northern region which is very close to Larabanga in the Damongo District. It is one of Ghana’s finest tourist sites or resorts that one could have leisure at. Mole National Park has a museum and in the museum are the stored remains of elephants, ivory, and other valuable objects related to the Park and pictures of the animals and species in the forest. Mole National Park is the Savannah forest  which abounds in mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects. I saw antelopes, and elephants of different sizes when I visited Mole National Park, but the sight of elephants fascinated me the most.

There is a magnificent Lodge on a hill in the Park in the forest but in a safe location called Zena Lodge where sometimes these Savannah elephants go there for leisure. These elephants are friendly and harmless, however, undoubtedly when under attack will attack the attackers badly.

I saw a group of elephants in a dam closer to Zena Lodge. They were two grown elephants and two younger ones. According to straightnewsonline interview with the tour guard, the older ones ages range between 44-45 years, whiles the teenagers range between 13-15 years. The Savannah elephants botanical name is Zadanta Africana. These elephants are very dark and bulkier than the other types of elephants. The normal weight of male Savannah elephant ranges between 5000 to 6000 kg whiles the female weighs between 3000 kg to 4000 kg which clearly depicts that the males are heavier than the females. The female Savannah elephant gestation period is 22 months. Because they spend a longer period in gestation before given birth and so this makes them very protective of their young ones and extremely caring.

The lifespan of Savannah elephant normally ranges between 60-65 years and sometimes up to 70 years when living under an extremely conducive environment where food-finding is easier and enough. Some of the tusks sighted on the Savannah elephants are broken and according to the tour guard, it is because they use them to bring down trees of interest to them where they can get food from the roots. They additionally, use them to dig the ground when they are in search of food.

The point I want to draw home is that our forests and their species are very important and therefore we must treat them as such. We should stop depleting the forest and their species. Some of the reasons why we don’t have to deplete the forest are;

The forest cover gives us a source of medicine. Most trees and herbs are medicines themselves.

It also provides a safe and healthy environment in the areas of climate, oxygen and vegetation cover.

It has economic merit. Like Mole National Park it provides Ghana foreign exchange and income through the fees charged to patrons and taxes.

The forests and the species are great sources of scientific research and other valuable researches.

It is also for cultural heritage.

In conclusion, our forest is one of our major resources that must be handled with the necessary care and protection.


 Source: www.straightnewsonline.com


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