Nigerian gospel singer, Gloria Doyle has shared the experience of how she painful lost her husband and children to her younger sister.

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In an interview with the Nigerian newspaper The Nation, the Gloria revealed that her husband was having an affair with her blood sister, a situation that caused her to lose her three children to her sister.

She revealed that her husband wanted the children to move to America with him, something she believed was good for her children. Though she wanted to move too, the husband denied her because he was having an affair with her younger sister.

She also added that her name on her children’s traveling documents was replaced by her sister’s which made her traveling outside the country difficult.

I was denied a visa to the USA three times when I decided to visit my children there. I only have to prove my maternity of my children through DNA and this is the situation I find myself in now.

She believes the move by her husband was to frustrate her and limit her movement outside Nigeria to prevent her from seeing her children. The singer said she has gotten over the issue and has even forgiven her sister.

An unfortunate situation, however, Gloria is advised to use other alternative means to at least get in touch and see her children. It is illegal to deny her motherhood.




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