(Mzbel threatens to expose Prophet Nigel Gaisie; image source: gbcghanaonline.com)

Mzbel, the veteran singer has issued a word of threat to Prophet Nigel Gaisie saying if the man of God does not deliver on his promise she will expose him.

The “I am 16years” hitmaker attacked the prophet on Sunday in a Facebook post giving him a one-week ultimatum to pay her an agreed compensation or go public with a “dirty secret”.

“Nigel seriously by the end of next week if I don’t get the compensation we all agreed on at the last meeting with your people, I swear on my ancestors, I will proceed with my legal action and the whole world will get to know with total evidence why you’ve been asked to compensate me! Foolish filthy boy!”

Knowing how sensitive Ghanaians can be in matters concerning men of God, the veteran singer released curses on any critics who will try to defend the man of God. She called on every feminine river gods in the country to inflict much suffering to any critics than the one she has suffered at the hands of the prophet.

(Prophet Nigel Gaisie founder of Prophetic Hill Chaple; image source: facebook.com)

The reason for the beef with the man of God is still unknown to the public but some of her followers on Facebook entreated her to come public with the secret and forget about the compensation but the singer believes the compensation is more important to her than the truth as she believes the public is less interested in the truth.

The singer disclosed that the prophet who is popular for his prophecies plagiarise most of his prophecies from a popular Ghanaian Islamic Cleric, Numerologist, and Philosopher Mallam Sham-Una Uztaz Jibril.

Ghanaians it’s better we rely on hard work and truth and ignore those men of God. 70% of Nigel Gaisie Prophecy is from Mallam Sham-Una’s private conversation with a few top people that Nigel knows says Mzbel

Mzbel is one of the few Ghanaians who have openly criticized Christianity and on several platforms has labeled it has false religion living on a made-up history.


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