NABCO Trainees found in various government agencies and institutions have appealed to the government to give them permanent placement during or after the end of their contract. This was made known in an interview with the Press last Monday. The frustrated trainees added that the government, the Module Implementation Partners (MIPs), as well as NABCO Secretariat, should let them know their fate after the expiration of their three years contract. They however want nothing but full migration into the main employment streams.
The Chief Executive Officer of NABCO
They stated, “in fact, we are grateful to the NPP government for such wonderful initiative, the Nation Builder’s Corp, which has vehemently lessen the burdens on our families after years of idle upon completion of tertiary, but we need a permanent job, we can’t go home after our three years, stay and still become problems to our families, we are pleading to the government to give us permanent placement.
“It’s very painful when we hear colleagues been given clearance to be recruited as permanent staff, we are calling on the government, the MIPs as well as the Nabco secretariat to make it clear and if not possible to absorb all Nabco Trainees, at least allocate specific quota or slot for Nabco Trainees in all public sector recruitments before the end of 2020 or we will advice ourselves”, they emphasized.
President Nana Akuffo Addo
In addition to their grievance, these frustrated graduates disclosed the statement made by Nana Addo which they regard affirmative to their claim, “Thus far, THE MODULE IMPLEMENTATION PARTNERS have fulfilled their part of the bargain, I will commend them for their partnership of the scheme and will appeal to them to recognize and reward the sacrifice made by Trainees. They should be the first to be considered when opportunities for permanent employment come out”, a statement by H.E Nana Addo Dankwa.
“The exit plan for Nabco Trainees is sketchy. We have just a year left for our contract to expire so we appeal the government comes out plainly on the fate of Nabco Trainees and work around the clock to see our Mechanization before the contract ends. It will be quite unfortunate for us to retrograde to the unemployed state after Nabco because the jobs aren’t available, the only opportunity we have is the current institutions we find ourselves in”, they stated.
Prompt response to the plea of these trainees by the government and other stakeholders is inevitably needed as soon as practicable.
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