The CAP BuSS business support program from the Ghanaian government has received more than 170,000 successful registrations on the online portal, of which around 65 percent have successfully completed applications.
In a statement from the National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI), NBSSI Executive Director Mrs. Kosi Yankey-Ayeh said that an appropriate review of successful applications was ongoing and payments would begin immediately.

“In coordination with the financial institutions involved, due diligence is needed to ensure that Ghanaian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), which are the backbone of the economy, receive the support needed in these difficult times,” she said.

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Data published on 5 June 2020 by the online portal CAP BuSS shows that the Ashanti region registered the majority of applications with 28.6% of all applications.

Central region follow with 13%; Greater Accra – 12%; The eastern region – 11.5%, followed by other regions.

The online portal also depicts that most of the applications are for women indicating 61 percent whiles men 39 percent.

The reasons for the different applications are partly due to population distribution and concentration of the main economic centers in Ghana, where SMEs are active.

To ensure that all authorized but disqualified MSMEs can easily access the Bu BuSS, selected NBSSI employees and members of the CAP BUSS management committee conduct educational activities and monitor visits to certain trade and business associations and market centers which have expressed interests.

“Realizing that most SMEs in Ghana (80%) are in the informal sector and need support to fill in online application forms, our NBSSI Regional Offices and 180 Business Advisory Centres Ghana in the past two weeks of hard work. And working with relevant from Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDA), supporting offices have been formed to assist applicants with data entry, “explained Mrs. Kosi Yankey-Ayeh.

“Visits and supervisory visits throughout the country can be scaled and intended to ensure that all disadvantaged groups have easy access to programs and information suitable for work, as well as giving NBSSI ideas about the reality and challenges of our interventions,” he added.

The Coronavirus Alleviation Business Support Scheme, launched on May 19, 2020, by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, is part of the Government of Ghana’s Coronavirus Alleviation Programme(CAP) program, which is designed to help SMEs affected by the coronavirus pandemic negatively.

The management of the Coronavirus Alleviation Business Support Scheme program is supported by NBSSI, a government-subsidiary agency from the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MIT) mandated by Parliamentary laws on growth, strengthening, and support for SMEs in Ghana.

Meanwhile, NBSSI warns applicants of suspicious communications (e-mails, phone calls, text messages), that notify them of successful applications, and requests biodata and other information for payment.

In the statement, applicants were asked to contact the CAP help desk to report or verify suspicious messages.

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