The National Communication Bureau of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) wants to notify all communicators, media monitors, and officials that the party has boycotted Peace (104.3) FM morning program (Kookrokoo), which took effect today, Wednesday, May 6, 2020.

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This decision was caused by a partial panelling system by the production team of the program against NDC for several months.

The reason for this boycott is mainly because of the unwise decision of the producers and program moderators to keep one (1) of the two (2) slots traditionally reserved for the NDC on Wednesday was given to Mr. Alottey Jacobs, who is often introduced on the program as a “Social Commentator with a strong tendency for NDC” to explicitly deny NDC of the slot.

Any attempt to get the program producers and moderators to give us fair representation on the Show for the past eight (8) months, including complaints to the broadcaster’s management for a friendly solution to this problem, was unsuccessful because the Party continued to be treated with extreme disgust.

Mr Allotey Jacobs

This unfair treatment is contrary to the old tradition of the program, which allocates two (2) slots for NDC and NPP respectively on Wednesday and Friday. Although we value factory production and editorial judgment to make the platform available to anyone who deems it appropriate, we consider it unfair for the NPP to maintain two (2) slots on Friday while two NDC-Slots on Wednesday are reduced to one (1) to satisfy the desires of the dictator and his poodle host.

In protest against the disregard for justice by the program’s moderator and production team, the NDC National Communications Bureau decided to immediately end the placement of party communicators on the Kookrokoo morning show.

All communicators, media monitors, NDC members and officials have the right to reject invitations and/or interviews from the above program until the announcer voices our concerns and reviews their reporting system which is unjust.

Signed off

(National Communications Officer, NDC)

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