Communications Director of the NDC Sammy Gyamfi has come out with a new twist after he claimed that anyone who tried to resurrect Atta Mills’s legacy would be kicked out of the party.

Sammy Gyamfi who has gained a name for himself due to the passion for which he works for his party stated that the party doesn’t need calm and insult free people at the party anymore as it wouldn’t help the party.

“Now, in NDC, whoever will try this father-for-all behaviour, we will chase you out. Nobody is coming to do any father-for-all. The time of father-for-all was under the late President Atta Mills, he was called “Asomdwe Hene” and he said that whatever has happened in the past should be forgiven for the sake of peace but the person who brought his father-for-all behaviour is dead and gone but we the current generation of the NDC, we don’t subscribe to the father-for-all behaviour,” He said.

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The words of the communications director contradict those of the former president John Mahama who is also a member of the NDC and promised to keep Mills legacy strong.


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