On the 7th day of January 2020, Tuesday a new Chief Justice was sworn in following the retirement of Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo in the Republic of Ghana. The Chief Justice is the head of the Judiciary arm of government and the fourth highest office in Ghana.

Chief Justice Anin Yeboah

The new chief Justice was no other than Mr. Justice Anim Yeboah. The Chief Justice is responsible for the administration and supervision of all judiciary services in Ghana.

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New chief Justice in the middle


Additionally, Chief Justice is expected to;

  1. administer the Presidential and Vice Presidential oath before the assumption of office when needed
  2. administer the oath of allegiance and the judicial oath to all justices of the Superior Courts or designate someone to act in his stead.


3. chair court Committee which makes rules regulating the          practice and procedure of all courts in Ghana

4. establish a tribunal to resolving impasse against the                Electoral Commission of Ghana when the need be

5. appoint Judicial officers on the advice of the Judicial Council      and subject to the approval of the President

New chief Justice exchanging Pleasantries with Archbishop Palmer Buckle

Mr. Justice Anin Yeboah has an impeccable long work experience and qualification. He worked in the High Court to the Court of Appeal and the Superior court of Judicature for seventeen years.

This is what the Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia had to say on the swearing-in of Mr. Justice Anin Yeboah on his social media platforms;

“I am sure that Mr. Justice Anin Yeboah will be an effective leader of the Judiciary, guard jealously its independence, bring honour to the Judiciary and to our country, and be a worthy successor to Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo. I expect decency, discipline, fairness, hard work, deep-seated respect for the rule of law, and the continuing modernization of judicial activities to be the hallmarks, too, of his era as Chief Justice”.

I guess the long and excellent work experience of Mr. Justice Anin Yeboah has earned him this high office of the land. Ghanaians expect him to work on bribery and corruption bedeviling Ghana and ensure the constitution of Ghana stands tall in matters relating to it.

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