A police officer was shot and killed in Auckland, New Zealand during a routine traffic stop. Another officer was seriously injured. The gunman escaped from the scene in Massey in a vehicle and was not captured.

New Zealand police usually do not carry weapons and rarely Police officer is killed.

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According to the police, the latest was in May 2009 when a senior police officer was shot at a Napier house when a search warrant was routinely executed.

A community member was hit by a suspect car and suffered minor injuries.

“Our thoughts are with family and relatives of officials, as well as with other officials and members of the community,” said Police Commissioner Andrew Coster.

Mr. Coster confirmed that officials were not armed at the time.”At present, there is no evidence that this work is ordinary,” he said.

“This incident shows the real risks faced by our employees in their daily work,” he added. A witness told the NZ Herald that he saw an injured officer jump over the fence.

“He fell to the floor and looked around a bit, his chest compressed,” the man said. “Then he jumped over the fence and ran down the road.”

This month alone, New Zealand police said a six-month trial on an “armed response team” would not continue.

“I want to repeat that I work with the New Zealand police and generally remain an unarmed police officer,” Coster said.

“How the public feels is important – we monitor with public approval and that is a privilege.”

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