A 24-year old Natonal Health Service worker (NHS) was Stabbed to death on Sunday. The young man, David Gomoh met his untimely death in Newham, East London while his family was mourning his father who died from the novel Coronavirus.

David was stabbed to death while on a call with a friend by masked men. Police believe the attack was unprovoked and had no motive. David was found on the street seconds from home in Freemasons Road around 10:30 pm on Sunday.

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The victims father suffered a cardiac arrest on April 7. His mother, Marian Gomoh works for the NHS as a nurse. The Metropolitan Police appeal to the community to come forward with information to help solve the David’s murder.

“David’s family are going through unimaginable torment. Within days his mother has seen the death of her husband and son, his sister has lost her brother and father, both are now heartbroken.

“David was a young man who had worked hard to put himself through university and, like his mother, worked hard for the community in the NHS.

“At this time we believe the only thing David did to be murdered was walk down a street. He was apparently approached by a group of men wearing masks and stabbed multiple times in a ferocious assault.

“I have no doubt this was a planned attack that singled out David because he happened to be in that area,” Metropolitan Police Detective Inspector Tony Kirk said.

“David and his mother, who have done so much to help the community, now need the public to come forward and tell us what they know. If you have any information, please think of this young man and the suffering of his family and call us.

“If you don’t want to give your name, call Crimestoppers, but do make that call. David’s family deserve both answers and justice, Tony added.

David who was marketing graduate worked his way through university according to his mother. His murderers left the scene in a stolen vehicle with fake number plates.



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