Joshua 13:1
We see from this verse that Joshua was an old man. However, God told him there was still much of the land of Caanan still to be occupied. Joshua had taken over the leadership from Moses. However, God did not tell him to relax and let someone else take over. Instead, God detailed the enormous task that had yet to be done.
We should be reminded that Moses was not a young man when he led Isreal. He would have happily gone on tending sheep for a business. However, God set him apart for another purpose. Likewise, Joshua was set apart for a purpose,  and old age did not detract from it. Indeed God by detailing what still had to be done was urging him to press on. Moses had left details of how the land was to be divided and Joshua was to stick to the plan.
Joshua got another old man to help. Caleb. You will recall that it was Joshua and Caleb who had been the only two spies to encourage the people to enter the land. The other ten discouraged them. By choosing Caleb, who was the only other man from that generation who left Egypt, Joshua knew he was choosing a man of life long faithfulness and vision.
From this, I conclude that the young should keep the faith and never allow themselves to be distracted by the world, and when they are old, God still has a purpose and still looks for faithfulness. Amen.
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