Hon. Dr. Kwabena Okyere Darko Mensah, a man who doesn’t believe in excuses. We have asked a fair, critical, and fundamental questions demanding answers from you Madam Edna. Hon. Kobby has unfettered relationships and respect for party people, can we say the same about you? What has been your reason for not attending constituency meetings or when an invitation is extended to you? Hon. Kobby is the anchor of youth development in Takoradi Constituency, what has been your contribution to youth development in the constituency you seek to serve?
Hon. Kobby having foresight fought to maintain the operational mandate of Takoradi Sea Port, today a lot of youth have found themselves working at the Sea Port and a lot more will be working at the Port as the Port Expansion is ongoing. Hon. Kobby has sponsored youth to acquire employable skills, many have gained employment and some capable enough to establish their own businesses.

Takoradi Constituency Youth who were trained through the MP in various skills
Free extra classes for the youth etc. Please Takoradi Constituency is very open for verification if you care you can verify! Please what have you done for the youth? Immediately our party won the 2016 elections, Hon. Kobby had the youth in mind, he is the head of Western Regional Coordinating Council, organised the best ever youth summit and training programme in the Western Region at Takoradi for the constituents to take full advantage of. A programme which offered the youth master classes, what we called “The Maestro”. What Hon. Kobby knows is ‘doing the do’ not talk talk.
SOURCE: NPP Concern Delegates of Takoradi Constituency
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